When Westmoreland County was formed in 1653 from part of Northumberland County, the first courthouse was erected on the property of the newly appointed sheriff, at an area now called Currioman, overlooking Currioman Bay.

A new high sheriff, John Lord, was appointed in 1658, and in 1667 he directed that a new courthouse be built on property he owned near the center of the County, at a site that is now Montross.

A town be­gan to grow around this new courthouse. As was customary, the town was named after the County, and so Montross was called Westmoreland Courthouse until 1752.

In 1751, an Irish merchant, William Black, purchased 110 acres of land surrounding the Courthouse and began to operate a store on the pro­perty. Black owned a ship that he used to bring goods from England. The ship was called the Montross, after Black’s native town of Montross, Ireland.

Shortly after Black began his business, references to the Town of Montross, Virginia, began to appear, and at some later time the Town was officially given that name.

Since then, the Town has continued to play an official role as the Westmoreland County seat. Montross also serves as a commercial center for the County.


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